2019 Chicago Drawing Workshop


  • August 1st-4th

  • MBK Studios (1706 S. Halsted St. Chicago, IL)

  • $450 (most materials included) see required materials below


Drawing is the cornerstone of all representational work, the basis for painting, and an end in itself. To paraphrase Paul Klee, “a line is a dot undertaking a journey”; a joyous and wondrous idea, yet for so many drawing is an unimaginative and inexpressive process. In this workshop, Mat will share his philosophy and approach to drawing as a rich art form and great aid in establishing lively, representational paintings. Read below for the ‘Materials” list and click the "Register" button below when you’re ready to sign up!


Two half days of the workshop will be spent going over perspective in participatory and intuitive exercises that will help you over the “I don’t get it” hump and gain confidence. While the rest of the workshop will encourage you to develop a more expressive voice. Expand your language of line and tone, as you draw with your fingers, erasers, and pencils in new ways.

Materials Included

  • Generals charcoal soft

  • .5 mm mechanical pencil

  • H, hb, 2b drawing pencils

  • Soft vine charcoal

  • Kneaded eraser

  • White plastic eraser

  • 2 bulldog clips

  • 14 x 17 layout pad

  • Masking tape

  • Large Kraft paper roll

Materials Required

  • Sketchbook/ notebook

  • 14 x 17 layout pad

  • Camera (phone is ok)

  • Packed Lunches, drinks etc

MBK Studios